Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Michael Ligett

Michael Ligett was born in Detroit, Mi, in 1947. He schooled as an engineer, but his design interests led him into a marketing career and it was here that he met and worked with a photographer that introduced him into the world of black and white photographer, composition and processing. He took a course in photography in the 1970s, bought his first camera, a Miranda EE-2 and began shooting Kodachrome landscapes.

One of his early photos of the Grand Tetons reflected in the Snake River was selected for a corporate magazine cover and he was hooked for life. His early photographic years were greatly influenced by his father’s reserved, scientific persona in which logic dominated. In school he loved the precision of math and the 3-dimensional drawings of drafting class, which influenced his early photography towards lines and geometric shapes. His mother took up painting later in life and her colors and experimental styles became a later influence on Michael as well. His career, travel and raising a family took precedence for his middle decades and when he returned to photography after 25 years it was with a digital camera, but the principles of light, composition and color remained the same.

Much of his work continues to show the linear, geometric precision from his scientific influences, but his later work shows more of the influences from his artistic mother. The merging of the two heritages has produced some of Michael’s better known landscapes and waterscapes, which successfully blend color, light, form and shadow in a unique style.